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boxers or briefs

So, here’s some links I find and forget, served here.  Fresh.  Hot.  Yeah….

Price for hot air continues to skyrocket

So, apparently the New York Times has decided to charge non-subscribers for unlimited use of its site. I’m not sure if I can speak for anyone but myself but, I just don’t care.  I think I’d rather eat a news paper than actually read it and I won’t pay anyone for the filler between advertisements that they’ve shoved down my throat for decades.

All I can really say about news print media is, good bye and good riddance.  As the MBA’s frantically scramble to try to figure out how to wring blood from turnips, I’ll just keep on gathering my news in my own way, reading what really is good content.  For free.

Sorry papers, you lost us all.  Too bad your content was so abysmal that you drove  the advertisers and readers out the door.  Too bad your senior executive ranks couldn’t live without multi-multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses, even in a near depression.  Too bad you couldn’t understand the impact of the internet until it consumed your advertisers and readers.  Too bad I’ve nothing to line the bottom of birdcages…

Are you paying attention Comcast, Time Warner, Rogers, Etc.. ?!  I doubt it.  I sincerely doubt it because your are next and I can hardly wait.

Holy Neglected Website!

Ah, so…  you are still here.


Sorry that it takes me so damned long to write stuff.

I work to hard.

So, I’ve done some background work keeping paxtonland up to date technically.  There are still quite an awful lot of people that come here, despite the fact that I never seem to have time to write.

As they say, if it’s important, you’ll do it.

I’ll do it.  Sorry again.