So, Flint is Burning

Flint Fires - Photos by Tarra Sifferman
Flint Fires - Photos by Tarra Sifferman

This is for all of you out-of-towners that may not have heard, Flint is in chaos at the moment.  Since the mayor closed fire stations and laid off firefighters, there have been over 50 fires in the city in the past week.

Mlive is trying to cover it.  In their own inept way.

Someone is trying to keep up with them all on Google Maps.

Some fire departments are giving up.

You can keep up with the excitement by listening to live streams from fire and police dispatch.

It’s not national news.  No one would be surprised anyway. Flint’s best commodity for export is being the butt of every joke about what is wrong with this country.

People look to flint – to feel better about their stupid towns.


Photo credits to Tarra Sifferman

Links credits to A. Cleveland, K. Whiteaker, K. Baker,  and J. Wood


37 thoughts on “So, Flint is Burning”

  1. So, thanks so much for trying. jessamyn just deleted the post after 40+ comments. I didn’t know you posted it until I read your comment on Toe’s FB. Thanks for trying! I don’t blame them for deleting it tho, she did the right thing, rulz is rulz. Funny that we didn’t even know we were both users there until an hour ago – hahaha

  2. Oh… man. Wow. I’m the subject of a FPP! To think, I had to take a 5 yr mefi hiatus to get that!

    Okay. I really just want ppl. to know the bedlam here every single night. I realize that is giving whomever is doing this even more attention but, c’mon! Does the entire city have to burn to the ground for anyone to notice.

  3. Hung out in Flint twice.
    It’s not worth saving. Let it burn.
    Tell the crews to pull back to Grand Rapids.

  4. So the mayor fires firefighters and then what happens? There are fires that wouldn’t have occurred without the layoff or there are fires that would have been put out without the layoffs? Let’s hope these fires aren’t the result of some jobless firefighters working on the justification for getting their jobs back.

  5. had a look at the map. the ones living on flushing road seem to be fine haha.

    but seriously, why all the burning? do you people in flint have a problem with arson? or is there some magic self igniting problem?

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  7. @Poster: Well, I think the answer to your question lies in the links within the post. I think that the back story explains itself.

    I wouldn’t want to guess as to who or whom may be doing all of this but, if it’s attention they want to stop, hopefully they will soon. As I write this it’s raining outside, maybe nature will win the night.

  8. If you ask me, I think this is something that needed to happen with this city. I have watched Flint become the back water joke of Michigan, as GM and the folks who worked there and lived outside of its walls lap up rewards (Flushing, Burton,Swartz Creek, etc).

    On a note, 50 homes put on fires in Flint and only $50.00 worth of damage.

  9. @Jeff: No, not all of them. Of the nearly 100 fires so far, there were several that were in homes that were occupied. The vast majority were not occupied.

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